Product information stainless steel:
All jewellery of our Steel-Collection is made of nickel-free and anti-allergic high-grade stainless steel. The buckles are made of nickel-free steel. All models are according to the EC guidelines for nickel-free jewellery.

Lengh-Adjustable Material ribbon:
All pendants are supplied with a length-adjustable black material ribbon. Contrary to new leather ribbons our ribbons do not rub off.

Ring Size:
The sizes specified refer to the inner circumference:

e.g.: ring size 64 = 64mm inner circumference = 20,3mm inner diameter

Conversion table:

You can also determine the exact ring size from a local jeweller.

Everything is possible - individual laser engravings
For most products we do also offer the additional possibility to do an individual engraving on the back of the item:
• name engraving
• your best time
• personal dedications , declaration of love, blood groups. etc.